Feedback Manager Overview
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The Feedback Manager allows you to gather feedback from customers without having to administer full surveys. The module then allows you to display selected feedback in the form of customer testimonials in your website.

Visitors to your website fill out a “Feedback Form” and submit this form online. You are notified via email when new feedback has been submitted for you to review. Using the Content Manager interface, you may view the feedback received, edit any spelling or grammatical errors, and then optionally select comments to be included as “Testimonials.”

The ProcessFeedbackForm tag is used to process feedback from a website visitor. Unlike most other gee! tags, this tag does not display information to the end user. The Process Feedback Form will typically include the following parts:

  • A call to the WebService include file
  • A call to the processing tag
  • A javascript block performing validation on the field contents when the Submit button is pressed
  • An HTML form block defining the form fields, layout, and predefined field names

Use this form to submit feedback from a website visitor. The feedback form will trigger two actions:

  • A feedback email sent to a designated recipient.
  • An insert or update of contact information in the Contact Organizer database for the website visitor as long as the visitor's email address is specified.
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